Music prodcution - turning noise into music.

Doesn't matter if you are a renown artist or a start-up band. Why shouldn’t your music deserve a proper mixing or mastering? A product that will translate through different speakers and sound systems. It is always good if you can get a second opinion about your project. Please feel free to get one.

Sound Cracker specializes in music mixing and mastering. However he also loves tracking and live events and will be more than happy to lend an ear in a case you need one or two.

Please find below examples of music mixed or mastered by the Sound Cracker. He extensively uses leading DAW software: Avid’s Pro Tools and Steinberg’s Cubase utilising state of the art plugins by UAD, PSP, iZotope and Waves and JBL monitoring.

Circuit “Codes”.

Turning music into art

Are you busy writing your new song while the previous one is waiting for you in a drawer? Waiting for your time to mix it? Why not have it mixed by an expert and save time? No matter how complex or your project is, Sound Cracker can get it mixed for you.

Credit: Mix and mastering.


Testimony: "Mega BIG THANKS for all the work you put in mixing and mastering Circuit’s album – really I appreciate this! Fully professional! I know I was very picky about the final sound and that required lots of patience on your side…;) But at least we have a masterpiece, a diamond which sounds way better than the raw mix!!!" Jerry Bielski (composer, band leader, vocalist, guitarist and bands soul)

Audio mastering

Turning songs into an album

Did you just finish working on your mix? It is generally a best idea to have someone master it for you. It will give you certainty that your final product will translate well to the outside world.

It is amazing how a good master can really bring your song to life and introduce coherence into a bunch of songs, which now will become an album. Sound Cracker mastering is not always just making it louder. If there is a need to ad something creatively it will be offered to you. If this works for everyone the idea stays even if this process goes beyond the mastering itself.

Testimony: "Master came out very well - general impression is awesome. There is punch and the original version sound like my grandma’s slipper. Well done!" ​Martin Drozcz (Music producer, guitarist, lyricist)​.

Online promo site - music production

Turning ideas into music

In this “tracker” advertisement for a market research company the idea was to create three house clips 30 seconds long of which two would be different and third was a combination of one and two. Nice beat, yeah! Working to a tight brief is actually more challenging but more fun.

Credit: Music production according to brief


Music production

Turning brain wave into music

Please feel free to browse through different songs I mixed or composed on my Sound Cloud.

Credit: Music production


Want some bass?

Bass line composition and recording

Kania’s custom made bass guitar is always my companion. If you fancy a nice bass line, please let me know. Below, an old recording for Pawel Zadlo solo album.

Credit: Bass line


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