Sound Cracker, a place for audio production services.

Sound Cracker is Patrick Wladyka - an independent audio professional, dubbing mixer, dialogue editor, music mixer and Certified Pro Tools Operator.

His range of skills reaches from audio post production, music recording, mixing and mastering to live sound engineering. He embraces analogue equipment and digital environments. Possessing Avid certified training he excels in Pro Tools as main workstation workhorse.

He has studied audio engineering in SAE in Athens and post production in SSR in London, however he likes to think that it is life that teaches us most. His learning began at early age with exploring possibilities given by an… unplugged gramophone. Following, as a bassist and a musician he developed skills necessary to start recording songs and make sound for a gig. At this stage, the hook was deep and the vortex dragged him inside taking him for a long journey into the heart of sound production, a journey, which never ends.

If you want to jump on this train with your project, feel obliged to contact and remember: “Don’t panic!”. Sound Cracker believes that simply a towel, professional and friendly attitude, insightful comments, experienced ears and open mind are the best way of achieving goals. He currently works in the UK but in the age of internet and global airline reach it doesn’t really matter as he can cooperate over the internet.

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Sound Cracker​ -​ a place for audio production services.

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